• Sara HarperVice President - Upfield Group

    "Dan is an expert at bringing out the best in other people and creating platforms that help others engage more deeply than they otherwise would without him"

  • Colette MasonOnline Course Coach

    "Dan Rice is my "Go To Man" for community building and developing good quality online relationships in groups and on social media in general."

  • Nick LeightonFreelance Multidisciplinary Designer

    "Dan has an exceptional ability to realise the potential of an individual. He helps to pick out the attributes that best show off a person and guides them down the right path. Dan is, without a doubt, a valuable contact to have."

  • Mica GadhiaRainmaker Digital

    "Dan is responsive, intelligent, kind, active and always helpful and I'm hugely grateful he chose to join our group and help all of our members."